Welcome to my website.
My name is Jørgen Jansen, and teaching button and piano accordion, and having several teams weekly.

I have an orchestra and some interaction groups.
Participants range in age from 5 years to over 80 years.
Nodehæfter/Samspilsnoder I publish accordion schools for both children and adults and div. jointly with tunes arranged for accordion, and booklets with my own compositions.
There are also CDs with my own compositions, recorded with a band. 

I arrange all melodies to my orchestration and interaction groups myself and has a music archive with more than 6.000 titles.

I also offers
orchestral arrangements of 3 votes + chord symbols in single titles.

On the
information page reads information on vacations, concerts, new releases, publicity mm.

In fotogalleri you will find pictures from some of the activities that are related to teaching.

Clicking on the button to the left, you will find a more detailed explanation of each item.


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Jørgen A. Jansen
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